Information on the new issue in March / "Tebu-Kuro" with hand-drawn illustrations on sale

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It is a world situation that does not allow digression, but I can feel the warmth day by day. How are you all doing? I'm K, the manager of this site "Seibundo Direct Sales Shop". We are pleased to inform you that we have registered the new issue for March 2022.

We have a large selection of books such as the new issue of the popular series "The most beautiful picture book in the world", a DIY technique book perfect for this time of the new life, and an introductory book dealing with the topic "SDGs".

Let's start from below.

How to find “your own path” as a father and son

beautiful pressed flower illustration

1st Grade Civil Engineering Construction Management Technology Test 2nd Test 2022

The Art of The Last of UsⅡ

1st Class Land Special Radio Engineer Problems and Answers 2022-2023 Edition

9 Seasonings & Spices to Change Your Cooking

The world's most beautiful butterfly picture book

Knife sharpening techniques pursued from the taste of cooking

SDGs textbook

Grade 1 Pipe Construction Management Technology Test 1st/2nd Test 2022-2023 Edition

Dead Space DIY

Japanese/Portuguese vocabulary with example sentences

Stallion strongest data '22-'23 *Scheduled to be released on March 14

The theme of the series was animals such as whales , penguins , and birds , but the new book " The World's Most Beautiful Butterfly Encyclopedia " has changed the theme considerably. You can enjoy the unique beauty of arts and crafts in large format photos. Good vibes! (Only for Cho!)

The popular game sequel art collection " The Art of The Last of Us II " is also on sale. It is interesting that the background of nature that makes you feel sadness is also posted from the art board.
To commemorate the publication of this book, a panel exhibition event is being held at the "PGS Store" on the 6th floor of Ikebukuro Parco! Click here for details →
The session is until March 31th. There are many official goods, so if you are in the area, please come and visit us.

This month's topical book " SDGs textbook ". Celebrities from each media comment on international issues that have forced us to pay close attention. From the basics such as "What are the SDGs?" to the future situation, it is a comprehensive book that can be read by elementary and junior high school students in an easy-to-understand manner.

Last month, we received many inquiries about the new book "Smile Book Okashibanashi 3 Tebu-Kuro" set with an illustration drawn by Mr. Gataro Mann... Thank you for waiting.

Next week, March 15th (Tuesday) at noon, it will be available for sale on this site... "I got it!" Yay! !
The product page will be here.

[With hand-drawn illustration] Lol Book Okashibanashi 3 Tebu-Kuro

Since we give priority to bookstores for hand-drawn illustrations, it will be a small number, but please take this opportunity to purchase it. Also, we would like to deliver to as many people as possible, so please cooperate with ordering only one set per person.

I know that many of you are in a hectic life at the end of the fiscal year. It's the change of season, so please take good care of your body.
Thank you for your continued support of Seibundo's Direct Sales Office.

Manager K.