Information on the new issue in May

We are halfway through May . How are you all doing?

This month's new issue will be announced at a time when the mood after the holidays has calmed down considerably. It's very late. I'm K , the manager of Seibundo's direct sales store.

Maybe it's because of the consecutive holidays, but in May , it's always explosive until the middle of the month, and then it's explosive from there (personal impression).

I wonder if this sense of time, or something like a shift in the tempo of life, causes May disease. I would like to take care of the pace distribution and keep a good balance.

So here is this month's new issue. 👇👇👇👇👇👇

Dyed Flowers Flower Design Picture Book

Craft band bags and baskets made with crochet stitches

ultimate logo design

People gather! 160 types of jobs

Comfortable migration manual for child-rearing generation

Enjoy embroidery with sashiko thread

100 years of speaker technology IV Pursuit of sound quality with new materials and new technology

One Hundred Views of Orchids From the Botanical Collection of the University of Tokyo

Florist's Work Basics New Edition

Shinkansen and limited express embroidery

native succulent plant 

The long-awaited reprint of "Flower Shop's Work Basics" is finally re-released as a new edition! The know-how for running a flower shop, as well as the story of the future flower shop, are completely updated with the content of the world situation such as the corona disaster.

In flower-related books, there is also a design book "Some no Hana Flower Design Encyclopedia" for "dyed flowers" where you can enjoy rich colors by using coloring agents on cut flowers. Just looking at the pictures of flowers that reminds me of a fantasy world, I'm enchanted.

This month, we have a wide range of handicraft books such as " Shinkansen and limited express embroidery", "Enjoy embroidery with sashiko thread", and "Craft band bags and baskets made with crochet stitches"!

In addition, we also recommend the "Comfortable Migration Manual for Child-rearing Generations," which deals with migration to rural areas, which has become a hot topic in recent years. There are many examples of immigration that are not just simple "some". This is a must-read book for preparing your life in a different environment.

I'm sorry to talk about this personally, but I had the opportunity to go out to the countryside for a while this Golden Week , and when I left Tokyo for the first time in a while, I realized again that all kinds of people live all over Japan, and by extension, all over the world. I was.

No matter where you live, we will further prepare it as an online store where you can purchase our books and magazines.

 Thank you for your continued support of the Seibundo Direct Sales Office.

Manager K.