Information on new issue in June

Rainy season! ☂ It's a perfect weather for the rainy season. How are you all doing?
I feel like the gradation at the turn of the season is disappearing year by year. Hey Earth!
I'm K , the manager of Seibundo's direct sales store, which I am enthusiastic about. . Use Health Drone if you must!
Here is the new issue of June , which is full of spirit regardless of physical condition 👇👇👇. Maybe there's something good in here!

japanese mizuhiki

Fig sweets making

The Art of Apex Legends

Wonderful combination of flowers and vessels

Gecko Encyclopedia Lizard Modoki Edition

Indian curry child's spice curry class made with a pressure cooker

YOMUKATACHI The practice of media design that connects the digital and the physical

I'm out! came out! The Japanese version of the official artbook of the popular FPS " Apex Legends ", "The Art of Apex Legends" is finally on sale! I'm itching to read, Amigo!
As expected, it won't be up to the latest season, but it's a gorgeous book that covers major legends, fields, weapons, concept art, etc., and can be enjoyed by everyone from rank magazines to casual walk freaks.
By the way, the manager's favorite legend is Mr. Jib. If I fight, I'll shine like the sun! (immediate death after descent)

And the second edition of Kariko Indo's authentic spice curry recipe book , "Indo Curryko's Spice Curry Class Made with a Pressure Cooker" has also been released.
Thank you to everyone who ordered a signed book with a special bookmark!
Curry made by sealing the umami of the ingredients tightly in a pressure cooker is exquisite. Let's get through the hot summer with the recipe prepared by Kariko. Now is the acclaimed rainy season!

In addition, "Gecko Encyclopedia Edition" , which includes cute round-eyed lizards , "Fig Sweets Making", a recipe book for seasonal fruits , graphic designer Yasushi Nagahara's work and design theory, etc. There is also a memorial design book "Yomukatachi Media Design Practice that Connects Digital and Physical" . This is a must-see book for printing.

The rainy season and the gloomy days are likely to continue for a while, but when this is over, it's summer! It's summer, everyone! Yay~!
Let's go forward without thinking about unnecessary things such as "It's hot, isn't it?" Shine like the sun! (Insistent)

Thank you for your continued support of Seibundo's Direct Sales Office.

Manager K.