Information on July new issue

I would like to extend my congratulations on your continued prosperity in the midsummer season.

Even though it's hot, I'm still reluctant to take off my mask when I go out...I hope everyone is okay. Let's get through the heat and the disease somehow.

This month's event exhibition has been in a row, so the announcement is quite late. Or rather, ah! It's already the end of July ! Whoa!

Are the students already on summer vacation? It's sad and frustrating that the sea and the mountains are waiting for you, but you're afraid to go outside. Why don't we all shut ourselves up and anticipate the " Autumn of reading " and make it a " Summer of reading " ?

It's a last-minute timing, but the new issue released in July was as follows.

Play! Each other through! Handmade AI robot

Urologist Mama Wants to Tell You Penis Textbook

Illustrated commentary Cat gesture deciphering notebook

New edition Draw a fantastic background

Frog and Toad Cross Stitch Book

Manual for coping with knife crime that you can do

Deciphering the Eames


The embroidery book " Frog and Toad Cross Stitch Book " with the motif of everyone's favorite picture book "Gama-kun and Kaeru-kun", "New Edition Draw a Fantastic Background" covering the background illustration techniques of the popular illustrator Rokushichishi, etc. And so on, all of them are very popular!

This month's title , "Urologist Mama's Textbook for Penis" , is a book that new moms and dads should definitely pick up. The content is serious and earnest about children's genitalia, and it is also analyzed from the perspective of gender theory, which has been a hot topic recently.

Also, "Illustration Note Premium " has been published for the first time in a while!
This is a preservation version that thoroughly features illustrator Yo Shimizu.

At the direct sales store, we have a few signed copies of this magazine for bookstore sales promotion, so don't miss this opportunity!

So, this month I was trying to update on the last business day, but next month I will do my best.

Thank you for your continued support for the ′′ Seibundo Sales Office ′′ Thank you for your continued support.

Manager K.