Information on the new book in April / Pre-order for Kariko

The new fiscal year has started. I think there are some of you who are thinking of going to college or finding a new job, but how are you doing?
If you go full throttle from the beginning, it will get tough soon, so let's start calmly with the feeling of solidifying your feet.

So I'm K, the manager of Seibundo's Direct Sales Shop, who is calm all year round.
It's been too calm and it's been a leisurely update, but I've registered a new issue for April 2022, so I'll let you know.

We have a large selection of books such as cooking researcher Junko Ueda's cookbook "Frenchman" series, new edition of "The most beautiful XX encyclopedia in the world", and outdoor books that are perfect for the upcoming tourist season.

Let's start from below.

Making of Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Delicious coffee brewed at camp

Concrete Engineer / Chief Engineer Passing Text & Past Questions 2022 Edition

The world's most beautiful jellyfish encyclopedia

French people prepare a lot and enjoy it three times.

Chipmunk complete breeding

Grade 1 Landscaping Construction Management Technology Test 1st and 2nd Test 2022-2023 Edition

Japanese style cake 12 months to enjoy with cute heart macarons

Following last month's "World's Most Beautiful Butterfly Encyclopedia", the theme of the new book is "Jellyfish"! "The World's Most Beautiful Jellyfish Encyclopedia" is a long-awaited book for jellyfish fans, where you can enjoy a wide variety of jellyfish floating in the air with beautiful color photographs.
Just by looking at it, everything seems to get better.
Ah, I don't want to think about anything anymore.

“French people prepare a lot and enjoy it three times. is a slightly different concept from the previous "Frenchman" series, with contents such as "stylish saving recipe collection". Many of the arrangements that taste the ingredients are likely to become hints for daily cooking.
Also this time, anyway, the photos look too delicious!

And although the release date will be June 14th and a little later, we have already started pre-orders for the second edition of Indian Curryko's recipe book, "Indo Curryko's Spice Curry Class Made with a Pressure Cooker".
It is a set of Kariko's autographed book and a special bookmark (Cute Kariko's illustration~). Quantities are limited, so hurry up!
*Products will be shipped after June 14th.

Click here for the product page!

[Reservation / with benefits] Indian curry child's spice curry class made with a pressure cooker

Well, it's almost golden week (I'll let you know later when the sales office is closed). The desire to go somewhere is growing soon, but it seems that the days of patience will continue.
Everyone, please take care of yourself.

Thank you for your continued support of Seibundo's Direct Sales Office.

Manager K.