[Signed book / Pre-order] Nohohon Gozen

[Signed book / Pre-order] Nohohon Gozen

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Pre-sale has ended (February 25, 2020).

Title: Nohohon Gozen A cute dining table to enjoy the seasons Author: Kokoro no Tane. yasuyo
Release date: 3/12 (Fri.)

The author, Kokoro no Tane. A book signed by yasuyo.
* However, sales will end as soon as the number is reached.
*This product will be delivered after the release date.

▼ Click here for the regular version of "Nohohon Gozen" (on sale March 12)

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ーーーー<About the book>
“Nohohon Gozen” is a gozen that changes the usual dining table into a “fun meal time” by making a little ingenuity in choosing tableware and arranging meals in between busy days.
The side dish remains the usual side dish.
By making rice balls with silly faces, making small crafts on the ingredients, and using small plates and bean plates, you can create a charming menu.

The trick to making "Nohohon Gozen" is not to try too hard.

① Nohohon Gozen is a mixed set
Looking at the photo, you might think that it would be difficult to make such a large number of dishes, but most of the Nohohon Gozen is actually a mishmash of things in the refrigerator.
Even if you make a new one, you can do it by adding instant soups and side dishes that can be made in the microwave.

(2) Utilize “prepared” and “divided”
Most of the "Nohohon Gozen" is prepared with fresh vegetables. I don't go out of my way to make a large amount of it, but mostly I make a little extra or set aside while I'm making dinner.

3. The points to enjoy are “selection of tableware” and “arrangement”
One of the pleasures of "Nohohon Gozen" is the selection of tableware and presentation.
You can enjoy spending time discovering things that have been stored away in the back of the shelf, or exploring various ways of serving food with a familiar plate.

④Enjoying "work"
The real pleasure of "Nohohon Gozen" is the craftsmanship of the ingredients, such as decorative cutting of vegetables and fruits, cutting out rice molds, facial rice balls, branding irons, etc.

⑤ Enjoy yourself, at your own pace
"Nohohon Gozen" is a treat for yourself.
It's best to make it when you want to make it, not out of a sense of obligation.

This book is recommended for those who want to thoroughly enjoy their daily "meal time", face seasonal ingredients, choose tableware, serve dishes, and enjoy small craftsmanship.

<The seed of the heart. Message from yasuyo>
Cooking and eating are lifelong.
If so, I think I would be happy if I could enjoy that time.
I would be more than happy if I could bring a smile and a fun time to your life and dining table through “Nohohon Gozen”.

<Table of contents excerpt>
[Chapter 1] Spring Nohohon Gozen
Spring Cherry Blossom Viewing Meal / Spring Rice Nukazuke Meal / Hina Sushi Cake / Spring Nohohon Musubi
[Chapter 2] Summer Nohohon Gozen
Summer nokke sushi set / Nohohon Tanabata set / 6 kinds of cold tofu arrangements
[Chapter 3] Autumn Nohohon Gozen
Moon-viewing Rabbit Meal/Halloween Ghost Meal
[Chapter 4] Winter nohohon set
Winter boiled tofu set / Nohohon Christmas set / Otoboke zodiac rice ball / 8 types of instant lentil soup
[Chapter 5] Nohohon side dish recipes by color
Red side dish/purple side dish/sweet rice malt/homemade seasoning, etc.