Idea No.403 (October 2023 issue)

Idea No.403 (October 2023 issue)

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Special feature on all the work of typeface designer Toshi Omagari!

[Special feature] The work of typeface designer Toshi Omagari, creating a global “voice”

Toshi Omagari is a typeface designer born in 1984 in Kasuga City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Leads Tabular Type Foundry and Omega Type Foundry. He loves games, movies, and ramen, and these days he is passionate about creating typefaces and roasting coffee beans, and continues to work based in London, UK.

After graduating from Musashino Art University and the University of Reading in the UK, Omagari joined Monotype, a global type foundry. For about 8 years, he has been involved in the reproduction and reprinting of numerous European fonts, while also actively working on font designs for non-Latin scripts such as Mongolian, Tibetan, Cyrillic, and Greek. He is a typeface designer who is recognized worldwide as a leader in creating multilingual typefaces, including participating in Google's Noto Fonts project.

This special feature includes all the typefaces produced by Omagari so far. Multilingual typeface design and calligraphy practice, approach to history through reprinting and reprinting of European typefaces, examples of custom typeface production and wide-ranging collaborations, unique applications to support various writing systems, and digital technology. This exhibition introduces Omagari's work, which goes beyond the traditional responsibilities of a typeface designer and works across disciplines, such as device development.

Editing: Idea Editorial Department
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Release date: September 8, 2023
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