Idea No.404 (January 2024 issue)

Idea No.404 (January 2024 issue)

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has received worldwide attention in recent years. A must-read special issue that explores the potential of AI as an accompaniment to creativity!

Special feature: Co-creation with AI Generation and creation seen in visual expression

Print media has constantly embraced technology and continued to evolve along with industrial development, such as Gutenberg's practical use of letterpress printing, the invention of photography, the advent of Xerox's copy machine, and the spread of personal computers and DTP. Then, new expressions that reflected the aesthetic sense and values ​​of the time emerged, and the framework of what was called graphic design was created.

However, with the rapid informationization of society that began with the advent of the Internet, some people have begun to question the idea of ​​introducing technology without permission. In the creative field, the advent of various digital tools has opened up a space for free expression, but by using these tools, anyone can achieve output of a certain level of perfection, which has also created a negative situation. was born. Lack of physicality, unification of expression...At the root of the debate over what creativity is and the ideas of those who seek to create a conflict structure is anxiety about changes in the industrial structure, such as technology usurping the role of humans. There may be some.

Regarding creative activities using artificial intelligence (AI), which has become a global topic in recent years, the magazine explores its possibilities, viewing AI not as something that opposes people but as an accompaniment to creativity. I want to.

Just as the Internet and smartphones have become commonplace in our lives, in the near future AI technology will permeate every aspect of our daily lives and become indispensable in the creative field. When society becomes more efficient through the introduction of AI, what role should those in charge of expression play? How will the profession of a designer change? In this special feature, we will take these questions as a starting point and discuss trends surrounding AI and visual expression.

Edited by: Idea Editorial Department List price (tax included): 3,960 yen Release date: December 8, 2023

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