[Online event] The coming year of the stationery king

[Online event] The coming year of the stationery king

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We are announcing this year's Stationery Award!

Since its publication in January, the "Stationery Language Dictionary" has gone through three and four editions. To commemorate this, we will hold an online talk event by author Masayuki Takahata!

Entitled "The Year the King of Stationery Comes".

We will talk about stationery for a full hour, such as the "Stationery Word Grand Prize Best 5", which will determine the new stationery word from this year's industry topic!

At the end of the year, why not immerse yourself in Stationery Swamp?

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Year of the King of Stationery

Date: 12/18 (Fri) 19:00-20:00
Appearance: Stationery King Masayuki Takahata
Venue: Online (using the web conferencing tool “Zoom”)
Participation fee: 550 yen (tax included)
Purchase deadline: Until 18:00 on Friday, December 18
Archive (missed delivery) viewing deadline: 12/27 (Sun) 23:59

*This event will be held using Zoom webinar.

* After purchasing the ticket, the event viewing ticket (PDF data with viewing URL) will be automatically distributed. Please make settings as necessary so that you can receive emails (domain is seibundo.com). In rare cases, it may be sorted into the spam or promotions folder. If you do not receive the e-mail, please contact the following window.

(Inquiries) Seibundo Shinkosha Sales Department sales@seibundo.com

* To watch the event, you need a computer or smartphone connected to the Internet. If you are viewing on a smartphone, please download the Zoom app in advance.

* Sharing the URL is prohibited.

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* During the period, those who purchase the "Stationery Word Dictionary" at Seibundo's direct sales store will receive an "event viewing ticket (PDF data)" as a bonus.